North America

Hawai Hokubei ni okeru nihonjin imin oyobi nikkeijin ni kansuru shiryō ni tuite ハワイ北米における日本人移民及び日系人に関する資料について (On Materials about Japanese Emigrants and Japanese Americans in Hawai’i and North America)

In 1981, the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room at the National Diet Library (NDL) began to collect materials related to Japanese migration to North and South America. Their collection activity took off between 1975 and 1985, when the Japanese government celebrated one hundred years since the start of contract labor migration to Hawai’i. The collection is now quite expansive, with particularly rich collections on Hawai’i and the North American West Coast. In 1997, Jin Shigeshi put together several comprehensive bibliographies that are available for download on the NDL Website (citations taken from Sachiko Iwabuchi’s fantastic Guide to Research on the Okinawan Diaspora):

Yuji Ichioka et al. A Buried Past: An Annotated Bibliography of the Japanese American Research Project. Berkeley: UC Press, 1974. 

This guide is an overview of the Japanese American Research Project collection currently held by UCLA Special Collections. This collection was built through a national fund-raising and materials collection campaign and stands as the largest collection of material in the US of Japanese-language historical documents. Major documents are organized in this guide by era (migration, the exclusion movement, wartime incarceration) generation, and types of organization (social, economic, religious). The guide does not reflect the entire collection, but is a useful reference guide. Unlike other guides, this bibliography includes book names and titles in handwritten Japanese and romaji. A current guide of the JARP collection can be found here: link

South America

Burajiru Imin no Hyaku Nenブラジル移民の百年 National Diet Library Website Link

The National Diet Library in Tokyo Japan has a great online exhibit detailing the history of Japanese Emigration to Brazil. This exhibit includes a narrative overview of Japanese migration starting in 1908 in English, Japanese, and Portugese with primary sources in Japanese. The references section is a good starter bibliography of Japanese primary and secondary sources on migration to Brazil. Like all National Diet Library Guides, these citations include the NDL call number for easy retrieval in the NDL online portal. (Link to portal)